Ride with True Freedom

All-Terrain Single Speed City Bike

Freedom. Maintenance-free. Stain-free.
Highly efficient. All-terrain-ready.

There is finally a bike available in Canada that can give you True Freedom, and that is Liberté. Feeling excited?

Liberté ("Freedom" in French), is an All-terrain-ready bike for you to ride freely in any situations.

The Belt-system in Liberté

Different with ordinary bikes, Liberté use a belt instead of chain in its drivetrain system, just like your car! The high quality 5-layer Gates Carbon belt is smoother and quieter during rotation, which means less energy lost to sound, your legs' efforts are effectively transformed into the bike's motion.

The belt system is also maintenance-free (no need to grease it), and it won't stain your pants or leg. Most importantly, a belt drivetrain system can last 4 times longer than an ordinary bike chain, and is more difficult to spin-off or break during your ride. Not to mention its weight, belt is 3 times lighter than chains, so, you can ride faster and further with same energy used.

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