What are Fixie Bikes?


Fixie Bikes, may also call Single Gear Bikes, Single Speed Bike, Track Bikes, Urban Bikes or Urban Track Bikes. They are a type of bicycle with a single gear ratio. This means that only the crank gear engages the fixed cog mechanism and allows the bike to coast. Single gear bikes do not need a derailleur or hub gearing.

xFixxi Bikes - The Bike Trend of Canada
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The Single Gear Bike Trend

Whether you are brand new to the world of bikes, or youve been biking for as long as you can remember, you may already been fed-up with the boring design and complicated handle of multi-gear bicycles.

As a Canadian living in the city, we are all too overwhelmed by lots of works and the complex lives. All we wanted and needed are the same as you - a simplicity of life. Riding a bike in the city, enjoying the breeze and the fresh air, why bother to learn how to shift gears? Why worried about breaking the chain with a wrong gear-shifting?

A single-speed bike may seem like a weird trend that only extreme enthusiasts would be interested in. But the truth is - and you might not be aware of - single gear bikes are a lot of fun and have many advantages compared to multi-gear bikes.



Your Bike. Your Style. 

Parts and component of fixie bikes are colourfully built. You can choose the colour combination that match and represent your character and style. Nothing is better than riding a unique bike on the street and receiving pedestrians' admire. 

xFixxi Bikes are easy to assemble and changing parts
Photo Credit: Bike photo by pressfoto - freepik.com

Although fine-tuning the bike is a professional job that xFixxi can do for you, many of our customers love to change their parts by themselves after learning from us, to show off their character and style throughout the year.



Your City Ride. Unlimited.

City ride requires frequent stopping and fast initial acceleration. A multi-gear bike is quite clumsy for most of the people to ride in the city. For a standard combination, a fixie bike has a 2.875x gear ratio, that is a 46-teeth paddling gear to lead a 16-teeth rear wheel gear, your bike is always in a fast going mode! 

A City Ride with xFixxi Bikes


You can go quite fast from stop in as second, and you don't have to shift gear before stopping, just hold the break and voilà! 



Advanced: Fix the gear & showoff your skills

Skilled bike lovers can fall in love with fixie bikes in just a ride. The advanced feature of a fixie bike is to fix (lock) the paddle with the rear wheel. With that, you will not be able to stop your bike with the hand brakes, however with your own feet. That sounds weird to most of the bike riders, however, with that setting, skilled bike lovers are able to play tons of tricks with their fixie bikes. 

This is our most loved trick:


Can't wait to show off your skills? Build your tricks-enabled xFixxi Bike Now.