2022 Revolutionary Bike - Fixie bike and Gravel bike - by xfixxi bikes inc
Infini - Fixie Bike Canada - Unlock infinite possibilities - by xfixxi bikes inc

Revolutionary Bike

Unlock Infinite Possibilities

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XFIXXI Bikes 2022 New Bikes series INFINI is now for sale with earlybird offers
Performance. Handling. Instant-fixie. Stylish.
These are all you wanted.

A bike run on Belt Drivetrain

XFIXXI Bikes 2022 New Bikes Liberté - a bike run on belt drive train in Canada
High efficient. Maintenence-free. Stain-free. Jam-free.
And, it's all-terrain ready. Instant-gravel.
Earlybird: get Special tyres upgrade.

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