Why xFixxi Bikes?

Why Should I Get a Single Gear Bike?

The biggest reason is the simplicity of the build. And they look great. :)

Good Handling Bike

The limited friction between the crank set and freewheel allowyou to transfer power even more directly. Since they are designed to be user-friendly, all riders, from beginner to advanced, manage the ride easily.  

Affordable Bike

The most important fact is that a simple bike translates into lower prices. If you are looking for a reliable commuter bike for daily use, or just for weekend family rides, a single-speed can save you some bucks.

Transformable Bike

Single gear bikes also allow you to choose your braking method. You can engage the freewheel for the standard braking method. Or you can remove the front and/or rear brakes and simply turn the rear wheel around and resist the pedals (or skid-stop) to brake. If this is the setting you prefer, then your bike no longer called a single gear bikebut a Fixie. The Fixie setting can also be ridden backwards because if you pedal backward, the wheel will rotate backward.

The Simple, Yet The Professional Bike

Fixies were used in the original Tour de France and are likely what you started with as a child while still using training wheels to get down the street. If you want to enjoy the most simplified form of biking, this trend is one to try. Its also ideal for winter riding because you can more easily moderate your speed at the moment.