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About xFixxi Bikes Inc.

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XFIXXI BIKES INC, or XFIXXI for short, is a Canadian-owned family business run by and for bike enthusiasts. Our founder, Alvin, is passionate about bikes and cycling. He evolved into a skilled bike designer, collaborating with talented designers and professional riders to conceptualize and design the inaugural XFIXXI bike. After years of hard work and careful selection, we’ve solidified our own brand, XFIXXI. All XFIXXI bikes are crafted to meet the daily needs of urban Canadians, each boasting a well-balanced, lightweight design achieved through durable materials. Featuring hundreds of interchangeable parts and vibrant colour combinations, XFIXXI provides high-quality Single Gear Bikes and shares our favourite hobby with fellow cyclists.

XFIXXI Bikes - Founder's family

Alvin, founder of XFIXXI Bikes, is always riding with his family members around Toronto. 


Fixed and Single Gear bikes are becoming more popular these days. They can be easily found on the street, especially in the heart of downtown Toronto. You may have even heard about these bikes from excited friends, and are now getting around to finding out what all the excitement is about. You may even have your own bike and are looking for places that will service your bike.

The reality is that there aren't many bike stores specializing in this type of bicycle. Single-gear bike fans and enthusiasts have to make do with trawling the internet for bikes and parts from foreign countries, enduring long wait times and high shipment fees to enjoy what should be an easy, accessible pastime. Single-gear bike lovers also face significant difficulties when it comes to getting properly fitted parts or assembling the new bike from the box. They end up throwing in the towel long before they can make the most of this amazing kind of bike. It’s a headache, and it’s the kind of thing that acts as a barrier to entry.

We are here for you. XFIXXI's mission is to make biking more popular and more accessible. We want all Canadian riders to have a chance to buy the coolest bikes and parts locally, at an affordable price.

Our Services 

At XFIXXI, we specialize in all things single speed bicycle-related. We offer free assembly and tuning services for all new bikes purchased from us, and we're delighted to help you find the right DIY tools, accessories and upgraded components for your bike.

If a standard bike isn't your cup of tea, we can also custom-build and tune new or used bikes professionally to represent your own unique personality and style, upon request. With hundreds of modification parts available, we're more than happy to tailor your new purchase by installing them on the bike before handing it over to you.

Where are we?

We are located in Markham, Ontario.

Please contact us at info@xfixxi.ca or by Messenger for more details.