Looking for Excellent Custom-built Bikes? Look No Further than xFixxi!

Looking for Excellent Custom-built Bikes?

Look No Further than xFixxi!

Are you looking for a special bike that fits your needs as a cyclist specifically? Do you have specifications that most off-the-shelf bikes don’t meet? Are you looking for optimal performance? Look no further!

When you see this icon on a bike's page, which means that bike is available for custom-built, feeling excited, eh?

Custom-built Your Bike with XFIXXI


Here at xFixxi, we offer custom-built bikes with a wide variety of specifications to choose from. As avid cyclists ourselves, we pride ourselves in offering a variety of choices, from exotic and eye-catching to practical and comfortable. Out of all the online storefronts in Canada, our store offers the widest range of high-quality parts, accessories and customization options.

Whether you’re looking to build a custom bicycle finely tuned for your local streets, looking for features that help provide support and comfort during your ride, or just looking to express yourself, xFixxi has options that are sure to entice. Just select a frame or a bike, pick any add-ons that appeal to you, and voila! A brand new Fixie bike that meets your specifications will be on its way to your door!

Try it out! Having a custom-built is simple

There are two ways to order your beautiful custom-built single-gear or fixie bike.

Method 1: Direct Selection

To use Direct Selection, just put a bike and the replacement parts you want into the cart. When you get to the checkout step, go to the “notes” section of your order and indicate which parts you want to be installed on your bike, like this:

How to custom build a fixie bike - XFIXXI Bikes Canada

Our team will make the requested assembly before shipping, and the finished bike will be tuned up and ready right out of the box!


Method 2: Staff Advice

If you’re unsure of what modifications you want or your body needs, if you’re looking for performance, ultra-lightweight, or all-weather solutions, or if you’re just looking for some recommendations, head over to our Direct Chat and talk to one of our staff members! (See below)

Staff Advice Custom build fixie bikes


We love to talk shop when it comes to our Fixies, and we can recommend specific frames, add-ons and adjustments to ensure that the bike you order fits your style of cycling, or meet your performance needs. Once you’ve hammered out the specifications, you will receive the order via email, you can go straight to payment  without having to click through all the specific options you’ve chosen.


All custom-built bikes are eligible for the following shipping privileges:

XFIXXI Pick Up PrivilegeGTA Ready-to-ride Free ShippingXFIXXI Bikes Canada-wide Free Shipping for All bicycleUSA Shipping Special of bike by XFIXXI

Click the above icons to see the details of these Free shipping offers.

And the followings:

  • Free shipping for any order over $500
  • Ready-to-Ride Shipping to anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area
  • $15 flat shipping for parts (Waived for parts that purchased with a bike)

Satisfied Customers with Custom-built fixie bikes from us.

Don’t take our word for it!

We want your bike to suit your needs and your style. Choose the options that appeal to you most, and get the most out of your Fixie!

If our custom bikes have piqued your interest, consider taking a look at our digital storefront or jumping into our chat! Have fun, and happy cycling!


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