Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: Can XFIXXI install modification components on the new bike purchase?

Answer: Yes, we are more than happy to install our modification products along with your new bike purchase.

Question: Can I return the bike if I don’t like it after receiving it?

Answer: Quality and service are always our top priorities. To minimize the chance of shipping bikes with manufacturing defects, we inspect and fine-tune every single bike on-site before handing it over to our customers. In the event of any defects during transportation, we accept returns or exchanges. Simply provide clear photos or videos to explain the issue, and we will do our best to assist. Returns or exchanges for personal reasons will not be accepted. For more details, please find “Return & Refund”.

Question: Can I get some credit for the original bike parts if I order modified components along with my bike purchase?

Answer: We are happy to offer some credit for selected original bike parts. Simply add everything you need to the shopping cart and contact us before checking out. We will provide you with a special-order link for the final order with the component trade-in discount.

Question: Can I pick up the order in person?

Answer: Yes, we are located in Markham, Ontario. Although our office hours are listed on Google, we recommend contacting us before heading over for pick up or shopping in person.

Question: Do I have to assemble the bike by myself?

Answer: We provide free assembly for all local deliveries or pickups in person. For mail orders, bikes will be semi-assembled and tuned. The buyer will need to complete a 5-step simple assembly as follows:

  • STEP 1: Mount the Seat Post
  • STEP 2: Mount the Handlebar
  • STEP 3: Mount the Front Wheel
  • STEP 4: Mount the Pedals
  • STEP 5: Pump up both tires and get ready to ride.

Question: Can I coast without peddling on XFIXXI bikes?

Answer: Yes, all XFIXXI bikes can be coasted without peddling.

Question: How often should I service my bike?

Answer: We recommend bringing your bike back for a free 1st checkup after the initial 150 to 200 km of riding. After that, service your bike at least once a year or every 1000 to 1200 km of riding, whichever comes first.

Question: How do I find the right bike?

Answer: We're here to help. You can shop bikes online, in-store, and contact us with any questions on sizing, bike models, availability, or anything else on your mind. We can make buying a new bike fun and easy.