XFIXXI Anti Slip Fixed Gear / Single Speed Bike Pedals

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XFIXXI Anti Slip Fixed Gear / Single Speed Bike Pedals

Introducing the cutting-edge XFIXXI Anti-Slip Fixed Gear / Single Speed Bike Pedals, a game-changer in the world of fixed gear biking. Crafted with precision CNC finishing, these pedals boast a spacious platform with an anti-slip sanded surface, guaranteeing superior traction without the risk of getting snagged when pedal straps are in use. Engineered for unbeatable durability and performance, they're the ultimate choice for urban riders seeking reliability and safety on their daily commutes. Plus, they're compatible with most pedal straps available on the market, ensuring a seamless fit for every rider.


Finish: CNC Black

Bearings: Ball Bearings + DU Bearings

Axle: 4130 chrome molybdenum steel shaft

Weight:  230g each pedal

Compatible with Pedal Straps