VITE 700C Wheelset with Fixie-mode Flip-flop by xFixxi

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VITE 700C Wheelset with Fixie-mode Flip-flop by xFixxi

These VITE 700C Wheelset is a combination of outstanding performance and light in weight.

What is VITE?

Introducing VITE.

VITE bike parts and accessories - by XFIXXI

VITE, meaning Speed in French, is a Parts and Accessories line developed by xFixxi's bike engineers aimed to provide fixie, single speed and track bike riders a brand new experience of bike parts. Focused on lightweight, durability and high-efficiency, each VITE parts are engineered to bring you the different in riding.

Why should you get a pair of VITE wheels?

Each VITE wheel set is equipped with a 16T fixed cog. The VITE Fixie-mode Flip-flop sealed bearing hubs allows you to switch between fixie or freewheel setting in no time.

The unique anodized finish and aero stainless spokes bring your riding experience to the next level. Come in set of 2 (1 Front Wheel and 1 Rear Wheel)


    • Trued Professionally Hand Laced Rim
    • 30 mm Mid-Dish Double Wall Rim
    • Front 20 Aero Spokes
    • Rear 24 Aero Spokes
    • 25 mm Rim Width
    • Lightweight High Flange Sealed Bearing Hub
    • Flip-Flop Rear Hub with 16T Cog Nylon rim strap included
    • Front Wheel Weight: 1000 g
    • Rear Wheel Weight: 1120 g  (excluding sprocket)
    • Freewheel NOT included.

Technical Details

Colour Anodized Black (VAP401BLK) or Silver (VAP401SLV)
Size 700C
Wheel Type 1 Front and 1 Rear (as one set)
Material Aluminum
Rim built Double wall
Compatibility Fixie Bikes, Single Gear Bikes, Track Bikes
Braking System V Brake