Schwalbe High Pressure Rim Tape

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Schwalbe High Pressure Rim Tape

Enhance your cycling performance with Schwalbe High Pressure Rim Tape. Crafted from durable and high-quality polyurethane, this tape protects your inner tube from punctures caused by spoke heads and metal burrs. It's designed to handle extreme pressures, ensuring your rims and tubes stay safe during high-speed rides and challenging terrains.

Easy to install and available in various widths, Schwalbe Rim Tape fits most rims, making it perfect for both professional cyclists and biking enthusiasts. Let the Schwalbe Rim Tape be your reliable protection and superior ride quality.


  • Brand: Schwalbe
  • Size: 20-622 (fits all of our 700c wide profile wheels)
  • Max. Tire Pressure: 10BAR / 145PSI
  • Package :1 PCS
  • Weight: About 60g
  • Material: Polyurethane