XFIXXI Now Shipping To the USA!

XFIXXI Now Shipping To the USA!

Are you a rider in the USA seeking a top-quality fixie or single-gear bike? Look no further! XFIXXI is thrilled to announce that we now ship our premium bikes, wheels, and accessories straight to your doorstep in the United States! 

Exceptional Single-gear Bike Quality and Craftsmanship

XFIXXI is a Canadian-owned family business fueled by a passion for bikes and cycling. Our founder, Alvin, is dedicated to crafting bikes that meet the daily needs of urban riders. Each XFIXXI bike is meticulously designed using durable materials, ensuring a well-balanced and lightweight ride. Plus, with hundreds of interchangeable parts and vibrant colour combinations, you can expect nothing less than exceptional quality and craftsmanship with every XFIXXI bike.

Your Bike, Your Style

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Customize your bike with XFIXXI and ride in style

Building your bike is half the fun. At XFIXXI, we understand that every rider is unique. That's why we offer customizable bikes tailored to your preferences and riding style. Choose from a wide variety of specifications; your fixie bike can come with a wide variety of colourful parts and components, making for a striking vehicle all your own. You can choose the colour combination that matches and represents your character and style. Nothing is better than riding a unique bike on the street and receiving pedestrians' admiration. Try it out! Fall in love with your own custom bike!

Affordable Shipping to Your Doorstep

Now, US riders can enjoy the convenience of having XFIXXI bikes shipped directly to their doorstep. Whatever you buy from XFIXXI, no matter a bike or a wheel or any accessories, adding a flat C$50 will get the product shipped to your doorstep in the USA! Click here to learn more about the shipping policy.

Pre-Tuned and 75% Preassembled

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75% Preassembled-shipping to the USA

When you purchase a new bike from XFIXXI, you'll receive 75% preassembled and pre-tuned to ensure your bike is ready to hit the streets right out of the box. We also teach you the skills and know-how on how to do that fine-tuning yourself! Many of our customers love to change their parts, showing off their character and style. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you find the perfect DIY tools, accessories, and upgraded components for your bike so you can enjoy a seamless riding experience from day one.

Ready to experience the thrill of riding your own custom bike in the US? Shop now at XFIXXI and enjoy premium quality, exceptional craftsmanship, and personalized service tailored just for you. 

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