Tektro R315 Caliper Brakes with Recess Bolt 41-57 mm

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Tektro R315 Caliper Brakes with Recess Bolt 41-57 mm

Benefitting from the aluminum arms, Tektro R315 Caliper Brakes are designed to deliver excellent strength and durability, wherever your next road adventure takes you.

Tektro has also put these through a melt-forging process for additional robustness on demanding road conditions. As a result, they're more than capable of handling all the demands associated with long days on the road.

Dual Pivot Caliper Brakes

Featuring a dual-pivot design, these brakes use their two pivot points to offer better braking as well as increased power and control. Providing a firm and instantaneous braking response, these also ensure a longer service life.

Coming complete with P473 adjustable angle pads, these brakes allow you to enjoy improved durability as well as high-response braking over longer periods on your road journey.

Features & Specification of Tektro R315 Caliper Brakes:

  • Arms Material: Melt Forged Aluminum

  • Use: Road

  • Type: Dual Pivot Caliper brakes

  • Pads: P473 adjustable angle pads

  • Quick Release Mechanism: Yes

  • Dimension: 41-57 mm

  • Single or Pair: Pair

  • Weight: 193g (each)

  • Colour: Black