SKE HollowTech Lightweight Crankset with Bottom Bracket (BB)

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KE Lightweight HollowTech Crank Set - save energy - ride more

This crank set is ideal for a high-end Track or Single Speed bike. Featuring an integrated oversized 24 mm hollow axle helps reduce the overall product weight but remain the ultra stiffness.

Thanks to the HollowTech maximizes energy transfer from your legs to the bike, low to zero energy lost.

Aerodynamic - more efficient ride 

The Aero design not only offers aerodynamic benefits, it also adds to the overall stiffness of the crank set.

Technical Specifications

  • Arm length: 165 mm
  • Number of teeth: 48T
  • BCD: 144 mm
  • Material: AL-7075-T6
  • Colour: Anodized Black Silver / Anodized Black / Anodized Silver
  • Weight: Crank set + Bottom Bracket (BB), 900 grams in Total
  • Each Set includes Crank set, Bottom Bracket.
  • Product Weight: 900g

The optimal tool to install and maintain this product is LEBYCLE Extended Handle Bottom Bracket Wrench.