Park Tool PW-5 Home Mechanic Pedal Wrench

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Park Tool PW-5 Home Mechanic Pedal Wrench


Whether you're swapping pedals, removing them for storage or transportation, or just making sure they're tight, a pedal wrench is a fundamental tool for any bicycle owner's toolbox. The Park Tool PW-5 is perfectly designed to securely engage the narrow 15 mm wrench flats found on bike pedals while providing the leverage needed to fully tighten pedals. With a small form factor compared to a shop wrench, the PW-5 Pedal Wrench is perfect for the home workshop or event toolbox.

Made from heat-treated spring steel and vinyl dipped for comfort, the PW-5 is built to last, like all Park Tool products.


  • Length: 11.5" (290 mm)
  • Weight: 256 g (9 oz.)