PALFA Suction Cup Roof Top Bike Carrier for 2 Bikes

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PALFA Suction Cup Roof Top Bike Carrier for 2 Bikes

This vehicle rooftop bicycle carrier is designed for all vehicle types, including sedan, SUV, RV, 4WD... and they are installation-friendly and strong.




  • Colour: CNC Black
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Carry: 2 bikes
  • Fork Mount Size: 100 mm (Fits all xFixxi Bikes, All other Fixie, Single Speed & Road Bikes)
  • Weight: About 3.5 kg
  • Capacity: Total 40 kg Max. 
  • Working Temperature: -30°C to 65°C

Important: Installation steps

  1. Make sure the rooftop and the bottom of suction cups are cleaned, dust-free and allowed to dry
  2. Place the Main Carrier unit on the roof's smooth surface and press down the suction cups firmly
  3. Press each of the air extractor button repeatedly until all suction cups are secured firmly. Try to pull the Carrier with bare hands to check its security.
  4. Rest the front fork drop out on the main unit fork mount and secure with the quick release skewers
  5. Place the rear suction cups and do the same as Steps 1-3 above 
  6. Rest the rear wheel on the rear suction cups and secure the rear rims and pedals with Velcro
  7. Double check everything before take off.

Cautions: Maintenance

To prevent premature deterioration and dry out of rubber parts, avoid long exposure to direct sunlight. When bikes are removed, remove the carrier and store in a cool place, such as trunk or garage. Moist the suction cup rubber occasionally.