XFIXXI Right Up Bike Parking Stand

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How do you park your bike at home? 

Park against the wall?  Flip it upside-down or drop it on the floor?  Would it be better to have a professional display stand to park your bike and treat your bike as a piece of decorations at home? 

Park in a second, ready-to-go anytime.

xFixxi parking stand offer you to park your bike right up in just a second. All you need to do is simply put the non drive side rear axle in between the stand's fork.


  • Designed to fit any bikes wheel size from 24 inches to 28 inches or 700c.
  • Rubber coated prongs to prevent components or frame scratches.
  • Easy to use: Just place the rear hub axle into the holder. Fast and simple bike parking solution.
  • Product size: 30x21x36cm
  • product weight: 1.2Kg

REMARKS: This item not designed for bikes with disc brakes