Avid FR-5 Reversible Brake Levers

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Avid FR-5 Reversible Brake Levers

These Avid's levers can be swapped to be run either front or rear, which is convenient if you like to have your brakes reversed, and a Godsend if you bust a lever in the middle of the woods. Avid levers are easy to install, simple to set up, and a pleasure to pull.


  • Reach Adjustment: Makes it easy to adjust your lever for maximum one-finger control for everyone
  • Qwik-Adjust Barrel Adjuster
  • Bend Zone technology: Avid knows that falls happen, which is why they've developed Bend Zone technology. In the event of a hard impact, which would cause a conventional brake lever to fail; Bend Zone technology ensures that the brake lever bends, thus sparing the grip body from major damage
  • All levers are compatible with mechanical disc brakes and linear-pull brakes
  • Colour: Black

Remark: Sell as a pair (Left & Right side)