Anodized Brake Hole Mount Plug

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Anodized Brake Hole Mount Plug

Constructed with high-quality aluminum and coated with a protective anodized finish, ensures an exceptional durability and corrosion resistance, guaranteeing long-lasting performance in any riding conditions. Fit into standard brake mounting holes, this plug provides a secure and stylish solution to cover unused holes, maintaining the aesthetics of your bike while preventing dirt and debris from accumulating. 

Whether you're a casual rider or a dedicated cycling enthusiast, our Anodized Brake Hole Mount Plug is the perfect addition to your bike accessories collection. 


  • 1 pc of Flat Hear Stainless Steel Bolt
  • 1pc of Anodized Washer
  • 1pc of Recess Nut

*Available for FRONT and REAR Brake Mount Hole