High Pressure Floor Pump

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Fill a complete flat tire in just a minute*

The High Pressure Floor Pump offers outstanding value, as despite falling under the entry-level price range but both the barrel and piston are constructed from a durable steel. It also features an ergonomic, sleek composite super grip handle and foldable base, a precision gauge, and an extra-long hose with ABS1 chuck with assist you the pump your bike tires a lot more enjoyable. 

  • 60 cm Extra Long Sealed Steel Alloy Barrel
  • Individual Gauges Cylinder provide accurate reading
  • Twin pump head design for Presta or Schrader valve
  • Maximum pressure up to 160 PSI
  • Oversized Anti-slip Handle
  • 75 cm Extra Long Hose
  • Product Weight: 


*Actual Tire-filling speed depends on user's arm strength and pumping speed. Our data is measured with a 170 cm male pumping at 25 full pumps per minute.